Stanley Hand Planer 245/50Mm No.4

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Stanley FatMax heavy-duty 6 in 1 stapler TR75, suitable for many types of nail, brad and pin. The tacker is bottom loading, has a low angle handle for easier use, and a built-in wire guide/staple window. An internal handle lock prevents accidental stapling, and a fastener mode switch allows changing between different types of brad/pin/staple. - Type A 0-TRA200 series staples: 6mm - 14mm. - Type G 1-TRR130 series staples: 6 mm -14 mm. - Type H 1-TRA700 series staples: 6 mm - 14 mm. - Type 7 1-CT100 series staples: 12 mm - 14 mm. - Type J 0-SWKBN series brads: 15 mm. - Type 9 Pin Nails: 15 mm. Supplied with a variety of brads, pins and staples. •Item Weight 191 g •Product Dimensions 18.2 x 4.4 x 25.7 cm
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